Shaman your own healing through the wisdom of Pachamana's medicine. An invitation for spiritual sisters to priestess their own path.
Be in sisterhood through sacred ceremonies. 
Learn the magic of holding sacred space and creating your own retreat while being on retreat.
An 8-day transformational experience of healing and remembering.

Sister, do you HEAR the calling? 
Peru pulls your HEART to remember the sacred energy of her land.
Tap into your WILD woman and remember the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.
Give yourself permission to be FREE and be guided by your intuition.
Nourish your soul and CALM your energy through the healing powers of the sacred valley.


Experience Your Sacred Awakened Self on this magical retreat in Arin, Peru while we dive into the inner workings of women's circles, CEREMONY & the sacred wisdom of peru.


Mother Earth, Pachamama, and Gaia have supported you on your journey, nourished your soul, and provided you with the knowledge to be the gifted leader that you are.

You are known as the mother within your community. You have a beautiful way of holding your students, clients, and tribe while moving them through their own healing process. You gift those around you with your energy and are always the provider.

Sister, you feel it's time to celebrate the mother within you by surrendering and allowing yourself to feel the power of the great mother, of PACHAMAMA. Your soul yearns to heal the deeper wounds and retrieve the knowledge that you have accumulated for lifetimes. You understand that circle and ceremony are portals to your own healing and transformation. 




I invite you to return home.

Deepen your relationship with Mother Earth.

Allow Peru to bestow you with inspiration, a clearer vision, and sacred knowledge.

Enter her womb and step into your power.

Let us shift from playing small to owning our strengths and celebrating the potency of our feminine energy. We will use this power to transform and heal not only our communities around the world but ourselves. We will harness our desires and manifest potent experiences as badass mystical priestesses and soulful feminine leaders. 


You love to travel the world.
You feel the calling to hold sacred women's circles.
You are called to shed all that no longer serves you.
You desire to develop your own signature experience.
You desire to learn more about the elements, energy work, rituals, and the divine feminine.
You have a gift and know that taking your tribe to a sacred location will be a transformative experience.
You are ready to uncover the mysteries of circle work. 
You would like to understand the intricacies of holding space.
You would like to have the foundational tools needed to organize the details of a retreat.


You love new experiences.
You are a sacred space holder.
You desire to deepen your relationship with ceremony, the divine feminine, and Pachamama's medicine.  
You find yourself walking the path of a medicine woman. 
You are intrigued about the Q'ero tradition and find yourself called to honor Pachamama and Apu. 
You desire to go on a pilgrimage to reconnect with your essence. 
You fiercely take radical responsibility of priestessing your path and are a proponent of inner healing. 
Your are a believer of sisterhood.
You are on a journey to embody wild, free & calm.


Retreat Includes



7 Nights Shared Accommodations
in a beautiful, safe & sacred location


Daily Delicious, Healthy Local Meals & Treats
prepared daily by our chef


Shuttle Transportation to/from Cusco Airport
breath-taking hour drive to the retreat center


Despacho Ceremony
A traditional Q'ero ceremony to ask the land to bless our arrival and journey connecting
us with the Apus and Pachamana. It is a devotional act led by a local Shaman.


Sweat Lodge
We step into the womb of Pachamama where she holds us and helps us release what is no longer in alignment with our soul. A temazcal is a ceremony connecting us with Pachamama, the ancient "abuelitos" and the heated stones that release their wisdom.


Sacred Movement
Grounding, juicy movement that will allow you to settle into your day or evening.


Half-Day Excursion to Sacred Mount Kinsa Cocha
a short and beautiful hike through the Sacred Valley to visit lagoons and connect with Apu, Kinsa Cocha,
where we set intentions and make an offering using the power of the coca


Earth Medicine Ceremony
Journey into the mystical realm with powerful Shamans as you connect with your divine essence and clear stories and beliefs that no longer serve you.


Reflection Time
There will be lots of space & time to reflect and connect with nature on the grounds of the retreat center. 


Sacred Women's Circle & Energy Practices
In sisterhood, learn how you can work with energy to make your retreats magical and full of ease, as well as being able to nurture your energy while holding space for large groups

*schedule subject to change*

Day 1 

  •     Afternoon Arrival 
  •     Despacho Ceremony
  •     Dinner
  •     Evening Opening Circle

Day 2

  •     Breakfast
  •     Circle
  •     Lunch
  •     Circle
  •     Sacred Ceremony
  •     Late Dinner
  •     Rest

Day 3

  •     Breakfast
  •     Integration Circle
  •     Lunch
  •     Free Time
  •     Dinner
  •     Sacred Movement

Day 4

  •     Breakfast
  •     Sweat Lodge
  •     Lunch
  •     Free Time
  •     Sacred Circle
  •     Rest

Day 5

  •     Breakfast
  •     1/2 Day Excursion to Pisac
  •     Lunch
  •     Healing Sessions
  •     Dinner
  •     Relax & Rest

Day 6

  •     Breakfast
  •     Excursion
  •     Lunch
  •     Sacred Circle
  •     Relax & Rest
  •     Dinner

Day 7

  •     Breakfast
  •     Healing Sessions 
  •     Lunch
  •     Integration
  •     Dinner
  •     Evening Celebration / Kirtan

Day 8

  •     Breakfast
  •     Morning Closing Circle
  •     Afternoon Departure


My reverence for Sora, and all that she is, grows more with each day I know her. 

Her tireless devotion to creating a world where women experience themselves -- and each other-- as magic inspires and astounds me. She never stops serving, never stops creating, never stops weaving the web of golden threads that connects powerful women to one another (and to the planet, and to the mystery). 

But here's the best part: that tirelessness is actually pure life force fire. This work is no longer "work" for her. As she resurrects this new paradigm of sisterhood from its ancient roots, Sora is fully in her flow. She knows who she is. She knows what she's here to do. She is living her sacred service, and it is so integrated into her being it seeps out of her pores. It is a gift, an honor and an activating force to be in the presence of such embodied leadership. She elevates me. She elevates all the women she comes into contact with. Without ever looking down at anyone. 

Quite simply, to sit beside Sora as a client, a colleague or a friend is mysterious and powerful. She's got the Thing. The tapped-in, multidimensionally-connected, wisdom-soaked, Truth-revealing THING. Magic happens in her circles. The quantum field is listening. She has a way of Seeing that will sneak up on you and knock your socks off. She can take a group of strangers and create authentic, heart-open, healing connection in under an hour. She can read, track and shift the energy of a single human or a room full of them without batting an eye. 

I love how she blends confidence and humble grace. How she firmly but lovingly midwifes women into a remembering of who they really are. I've seen it happen. It has happened to me. Held in her gaze, women really, truly REMEMBER. 

Her style of leadership is entirely unique to her: feminine and fierce, innovative and ancient, soft and unwavering, mystical and practical, powerful and full of laughter. She is always ready with that insanely addictive giggle and yet... she does NOT mess around. 

I adore her and feel immense gratitude every single day of this life to call her sister, teacher, co-creator, beloved friend.

~Ginny Muir


My trip to Peru with Sora came about 4 months after I launched my Akashic Mandala business. It served as a sort of 'coming out ceremony' for me and allowed me to more deeply feel into my work and myself in a safe, supported, and beautifully sacred healing environment. Beginning each morning with a hike in the surrounding mountains, working with local shaman, and connecting through ceremony and friendship with other magical women was hugely transformative. I will be grateful to Sora forever for the wisdom I discovered there!

~Wendy Sheridan


Being in Peru with Sora was like coming home to myself. The experience taught me that growth doesn't have to be painful or hard. Rather, that it can unfold with grace and ease. I learned the true meaning of abundance beyond money and from that place was really able to tap into the possibilities for my life and business beyond the retreat. One of my favorite aspects of retreat was gathering around the dinner table full of lusciously divine food and having meaningful conversations with the other women. Sora has many gifts and one of them is bringing soul sisters together to commune and heal together. 

~Ava Adinolfi


Sacred Awakening Retreat for the Cosmic Warrior Priestess

Retreat Cost: $3,500

*7 nights and 8 days*

Retreat Includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Three Meals & Snack
  • Transportation to/from Cusco Airport
  • Despacho Ceremony
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Integration Women's Circles
  • Excursion to a Sacred Site + Coca Ceremony
  • Fire circle
  • Hikes
  • Energy Practices
  • Movement

*not included: additional massages, healing sessions or gratuities for spa treatments and excursions

Retreat Full Payment : $3,500

Deposit: $500

>>> One additional payment of $3,000
>>> Two additional installments of $1,500
>>> Three additional installments of $1,026


*Additional 3-Day Excursion*
Sept 27-29

Sister, many of you may desire to head to the sacred site of Machu Picchu after the retreat. We are providing an exciting opportunity to journey together for three days after the retreat. Please note that I will take care of all your needs on this sacred trip. You will not need to worry about anything until you get to Cusco. From there you will need either a hotel, which I can recommend, or a taxi ride to the airport to catch your flight.

What it will include:

  • 2 nights at a beautiful hotel in Cusco
  • tour guide
  • bus and train to Machu Picchu 
  • entrance ticket to Machu Picchu
  • dinners
  • transportation to Cusco

What it does not include:

  • hotel the third day in Cusco if you are staying additional nights in Cusco

Additional Cost: $960