Embody the Sacred Wild Woman

that reside within you on this magical retreat in Guatemala.

Journey to this mystical place and experience ceremonies for the soul.
Give yourself permission to retreat and be intoxicated by the beauty of Lake Atitlan.
Join me for 7-days from Jan 7 - 14, 2017.


Experience SACRED ceremonies with Guatemalan Shamans and healers. Show your fullest range and unleash the WILD woman that resides within you. Honor the divine feminine through connecting in sisterhood.

Experience the Sacred Wild Woman Retreat in Atitlan, Peru at Villa Sumaya. It is here we will remember how to dance, drum, sing, sit in circle, and melt into Mother Earth.

Experience Wild, Free & Calm on the magical retreat in Arin, Peru while we will dive into the inner workings of holding a retreat.


You are known as the mother within your community. You have a beautiful way of holding your students, clients, tribe while moving them through their own healing process. You gift those around you with your energy and are always the provider. This constant giving and supporting others is beginning to feel draining and constricting.


I invite you into connect with the healing powers of the lake. Replenish your body, mind, spirit, and essence through the element of water. Allow Guatemala’s feminine energy remind you how to surrender, relax, and connect with your intuition. Enter the world in between the mountains and the lake to reconnect with your soul.

You desire to connect with other extraordinary women.
You desperately need a break.
You love to travel.
You’ve been feeling the calling to go to Guatemala.
You are ready to live from your essence.
You desire to flow with the divine feminine.
You are committed to learning how expand with grace and ease.
You are a magical being. A sister, teacher, leader, momma, mentor, student, medicine woman, and lightworker.
This is a retreat for the priestess who desires to experience mystical rituals & ceremonies in a beautiful, sweet, playful, modern, and transformational way. .

Sacred Circle

The intention of this retreat is to experience the magic of circle. Through daily women’s circle, you will begin to see how you can incorporate the principles of circle in your daily life as well as in your business.


Retreat Includes


7 Nights Shared Accommodations
in a beautiful, safe & sacred location

Delicious, Healthy Local Meals & Treats
prepared daily by our chef

Shuttle Transportation to/from Panajachel
breath-taking boat ride across the lake to the retreat center

Cacao Ceremony
Connect with Ixcacao during this powerful ceremony

Excursions to other towns around Lake Atitlan
Enjoy the rich culture of Guatemala

Sacred Women's Circle
Energy Magic, Circle, Rituals, Drumming, Singing

Sacred Movement
Grounding, juicy movement that will allow you to settle into your day or evening. Inspired by Belly Dancing, Bollywood, African Dancing and Hawaiian Hula.